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The long-read magazine of the Süddeutsche Zeitung

The SZ Langstrecke is a luxury product of modern times. Not only because it fits well with the compression of life in general by summarizing the best of three months, but also because it gives time a value. And thus also to the advertising communication contained therein.

SZ Langstrecke bundles the best long reading pieces from the Süddeutsche Zeitung. Reports and essays that captivate readers and whose content endures beyond the day. The editorial team selects about 25 reports, essays, and interviews that remain understandable, relevant, and interesting beyond the current context. A focal theme is examined from all angles.

SZ Langstrecke reaches people who enjoy inspiration and want to use their time meaningfully. You can spend about 6 hours with an issue if you read it from front to back. And that's exactly what the readers of SZ Langstrecke want. Because gaining insights from the longer reading pieces gives the time they spend with it a higher value.

Brand advertising makes a correspondingly sustainable impression here – especially as SZ Langstrecke is designed with high quality and printed on premium paper. In addition to traditional advertising, REPUBLIC offers brands the opportunity to attract attention here with special solutions: Whether through sponsoring reading times, an individually designed bookmark, or an exclusive special edition.